Shoulder and Upper Body Pain Treatment

Shoulder & Upper Body Pain Treatment

Upper East Side Manhattan, NY Physical Therapy

There is no one regimen when treating the diagnosis or diagnoses. Each person may respond some what differently to the same injury/pain. Often times there are multiple diagnoses that affect the entire region in pain.Through body palpation and sensitivity to verbal and non-verbal patient feedback, I will listen carefully with my "fingers" and mobilize the aching areas for overall body wellness. Like a conversation, I need to communicate with the body openly and patiently in order to get to know it and trace the source of the problem .  Shoulder pain can come  from the shoulder joint, can be referred from the cervical and thoracic regions, or from in between the scapula s  and more.  Patient may refer with acromioclavicular joint sprain, shoulder osteoarthritis, shoulder tendinitis, rotator cuff injury and more.  When I treat the shoulder girdle area, I will evaluate the quality of the motions in the scapula, shoulder, neck and elbow joints. They all might be connected to the affected painful region. Once I get a clear picture of where the limitations stems from, I will apply myofascial release, joint mobilization, Feldenkrais and Alexander techniques and more.

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