Joint Motion Problems

Joint Motion Problems

Joints are where two or more bones meet; many facilitate the various ways the human body moves. They consist of soft tissues like ligaments, cartilage, and tendons; however, problems and discomfort associated with joint motion can happen for various reasons. According to Dr. Rivi, an experienced Doctor of Physical Therapy and pain management expert who serves the Upper East Side of Manhattan, joint motion problems can manifest as a function of age, the result of an injury, or a medical condition that develops over time.

Joint Motion Problems Managed by Dr. Rivi’s Approach to Physical Therapy

By the time one reaches adulthood, the human body has about 360 joints - which vary in size and function. 

Typical joint motion problems include –

  • Muscle Weakness - lack of strength or stability surrounding the problematic joint can impair one’s range of motion. Strength training exercises enhance muscle function and adequately support the joint.
  • Osteoarthritis - among the most common conditions that impact the body’s joints. OA reduces one’s range of motion, which can cause discomfort and even pain. Joint motion problems related to OA are often relieved through Dr. Rivi’s multi-faceted approach to pain control and reduction.
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome - for example, fibromyalgia, can cause joint motion problems effectively managed by physical and complementary therapies.
  • Sports Injuries - potential injuries facilitated by physical therapy when rehabbing include –
    • Sprained ligaments
    • Strained muscles
    • Torn cartilage, and more
  • Neurological Conditions - certain conditions may impact one’s mobility and joint motion and benefit from physical therapy.

How Can Dr. Rivi Help with Joint Motion Issues?

Dr. Rivi recognizes the interconnectedness of the body and has created a unique approach that offers an opportunity to manage symptoms and enhance your overall well-being, whether the discomfort, pain, or mobility issue is intermittent or chronic. Her integrative mind/body approach includes traditional physical therapy techniques (soft tissue and joint mobilization through gentle stretching, etc.) combined with a tailored plan that helps your body heal from within naturally. Ways you connect with your body and your inner self include:

  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Meditation and Guided Imagery
  • Dance and Movement Therapy
  • Posture re-education
  • Gait Training

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