Authored by Rivi Belach Har-El

Patients suffering from chronic pain often find that physical therapy alone is not enough to relieve their symptoms. Dr. Rivi Har-El's RiVision® method goes beyond the physical manifestation of pain to explore a patient's overall movements and stressors in relation to emotions, repetitive stress pattersn, and everyday life. This innovative method integrates physical therapy exercises, dance/movement therapy, and guided imagery for a comprehensive approach to treating pain. This concise guide provides the framework for the RiVision method along with helpful case studies, which track patients from their first visit through the evolution of their healing processs. Interactive exercises are provided that can be used by clinicians along with their patients to help tailor treatment to the individual. Based on 33 years in the field, the RiVision method is designed to transform the deeper emotional and habitual motion factors influencing chronic pain.

- Salient Features -

  • This work details the unique RiVision method, which incorporates dance/movement therapy and guided imagery along with traditional physical exercises
  • Features detailed case studies, which follow patients throughout the full course of treatment from evaluation to follow-up
  • Includes practical exercises which can be utilized by readers as well as practitioners, with space for readers to track their own responses
  • Fully illustrated
  • Outlines treatment protocols and motion factors critical to inderstanding the potential underlying causes of chronic pain.


This book represents a seminal work in treating chronic pain; as it integrates physical therapy, dance therapy and guided imagery in a unique and thoroughly new approach to client care that refreshingly departs from conventional physical therapy treatment. RiVision offers clients a holistic treatment approach that recognizes the importance of attending to their body, mind and creative imagination. The chapters are riveting, in that they provide the reader with both theory and examples of how clients’ attitudes and feelings about their pain has been changed through the RiVision approach. The book is a must read for clients, physical therapy clinicians, dance/movement therapists and and all interested in integrative health.

Nana Koch
Chairperson, Department of Health, Physical Education and Movement Science, LIU Post.;
former Coordinator of the Hunter College Dance/Movement Therapy Masters Program.

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