Gentle Therapeutic Exercises with Music to the Ent

Gentle Therapeutic Exercises with Music

Upper East Side Manhattan, NY Physical Therapy

Gentle Therapeutic Exercises with Music to the Entire Body:

Conditions treated: Mild pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, back, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Poor balance, coordination and posture.

My treatment approach: 

We practice gentle therapeutic exercises done to music in a small group setting. In this workshop I educate and train participants in gentle and safe exercises done in prone, supine, sitting and standing positions. The positive effects of therapeutic exercises include developing, improving and maintaining flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance for a whole body wellness. This workshop is geared toward people who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders such as neck and back pain as well as shoulder, hands, knees and ankle strains.

Why the RiVision method?  Participants were my patients before joining the workshop, so I am familiar with their "body's issues." Therefore, I can be more in tune with each person's capabilities and limitations and protect their motions from harm. The gentle exercises are done according to each person's ability. There is no one regimen that must be followed. The "group's ability" paves the way by which the therapeutic exercises will be conducted. The work is enjoyable along with music that has some positive meaning to the movers.


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