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 RiVision® is an innovative physical therapy method that is designed to treat musculoskeletal injuries and chronic pain.

This method uniquely combines physical therapy, dance/movement therapy and guided imagery so that, working together, they can be more effective than they would be if used separately.

In order to thoroughly evaluate and analyze the complexity of the body disorder/discomfort, Dr. Rivi drew from the following elements within physical therapy, dance/movement therapy and guided imagery. In physical therapy, she relates to patients’ range of motion, pain level, posture and function levels. In dance/movement therapy, she relates to the patients’ typical pattern of movement and how it may be related to their injury. In guided imagery, Dr. Rivi relates to the images the patients use when describing their body’s feelings and responses to particular people and situations.

Sometimes a single therapy like manual/hands-on techniques is utilized. Unlike conventional physical therapy and gym practice, where machines and exercises are commonly used, Dr. Rivi emphasizes thorough and sensitive joint and soft tissue mobilization tailored individually to each patient.

- Conditions Treated -


Bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis, rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, hand/trigger finger injury. Women health (post lumpectomy/mastectomy, breast reconstruction and lymphedema) and more.

Hip, knee, ankle and foot sprain/strain, patello-femoral syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis, sport/dance injuries, heel spur/plantar fasciitis, meniscus tear and more.


Stress and tension related disorders, myofascial pain, fibromyalgia, repetitive stress injury, (dance, music and/or other occupation related) neck and back pain, herniated disc, degenerative disorders, muscle spasm, poor posture, scoliosis, age related stiffness and more.

- Workshops -


Enjoy moving to the sound of music, in a small group setting, and experiencing changes in the way you feel and move. Relaxation exercises and guided imagery will enhance the experience.


We practice gentle therapeutic exercises done to music in a small group setting. In this workshop we educate and train participants in gentle and safe exercises done in prone, supine, sitting and standing positions.

The positive effects of therapeutic exercises include developing, improving and maintaining flexibility, strength, coordination and endurance. This workshop is geared toward people who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders such as neck and back pain as well as shoulder, hands, knees and ankle strains.

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In the RiVision method, we address stress conditions such as Repetitive Stress Injury (cumulative trauma syndrome that can affect tendons, nerves and soft tissues), and Repetitive Stress Pattern (prolonged, repetitive and negative event/interaction that affects you emotionally and physically).

In this workshop, we help participants explore their pattern of movement and how it affects their every day function, and their feeling about themselves.

For example, one patient recognized the cause-effect relation between the way she felt around her demanding mother and her tense/painful back. Being aware of this relation and addressing it resulted in her back pain subsiding.

This workshop is done in a small group setting which provides a protective environment for people who are under stress and tension.

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Posture plays a significant role in the way we feel and move our body. Posture imbalance can cause improper joint alignment, soft tissue imbalance or even noticeable deformity.

In this workshop, we will practice posture awareness as well as stretching and strengthening exercises that are designed to improve posture. You will learn and practice appropriate body alignment during sitting, walking and transferring between positions. This workshop helps us with educating and training in techniques that enhance body mechanics, thus achieving smooth and efficient movement patterns.

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